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Introduction to Corporate Finance

15.8 saat
Tüm Seviyeler

The Entrepreneur’s Guide for beginners and is a course created …

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Have a solid foundation in developing an integrated framework for strategic financial decision-making.
Have a thorough understanding of financial statements and the financial information they provide, and be able to critically evaluate and analyze cash flows statements.
Understand the management and evaluation of portfolios and firm valuation techniques.
Understand how to incorporate risk and uncertainty into investment decisions and understand how companies make financing and investment decisions.

Organizational Leadership Specialization

9.8 saat
İleri Seviye

Equip yourself to successfully lead organizations through clarity of purpose …

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Explore how great leaders assess themselves and lead collaborative teams that effectively manage negotiations and conflict.
Discover how leaders communicate through storytelling and employ other communication strategies to influence.
Learn how organizations start with the clarity of purpose that comes from an understanding of customers’ needs, including leveraging data analytics, and use that focus to drive the design of products and services to meet those needs effectively.
Create a capstone project that allows them to apply what they have learned.
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The Creative Journey of Branding

9.8 saat
İleri Seviye

This course aims to make branding concepts accessible to every …

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Can create a value proposition for a brand
Learn how to produce meaningful and engaging content.
Develop a complete creative pitch.
Examine Branding activities through the lens of Customer Experience.

Analytic Techniques for Business Specialization

2.5 saat
Orta Seviye

In this Specialization, you’ll learn to frame business challenges as …

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Helps to predict performance
Increased the retention rates
Boost in cost efficiency
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Fundamentals of Music Theory

17.5 saat

This course will introduce students to the theory of music, …

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Reading musical notes
Constructing scales and chords
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